We have a lot of love for our furry friends

We have dedicated many hours assisting cats that are in need of care. This includes getting much needed Vet care, spading and neutering, feeding and lots of love and pets (if the cat will allow).

We built a 2000 sf outdoor catio sanctuary that includes a fully insulated shed so our cats can have a comfortable place to live until they find their forever home.

We have helped many moms deliver kittens and help raise them until they are ready to find their forever home. We are a big believer that kittens should be adopted in pairs because cats, just like people, get really lonely and there is nothing that warms the heart more than seeing two kittens curled up together.

We have been using our own funds to helps hundreds of cats in needs so any donations would be greatly appreciated and would be going to a good cause.

cat jumping in a field