Why cats should be adopted in pairs

Many of the cats in our care are litter mates. Siblings are often bonded to each other and make great companions because they play together, comfort each other, etc. This also promotes healthy social development.
Other cats in our program who are not litter mates have made bonds of friendship and seem to be inseparable.
Even if the owner is a wonderful person, the best companion for a cat is another cat. The cats can keep each other company when there is no one home, or at night when they are feeling playful. Cats are social creatures and typically do better when there is another cat in the house.
Cats who get bored can cause trouble and will sometimes be destructive. A friend or sibling to play with them will usually prevent this.
Adopting two bonded cats is better than trying to adopt a single cat when there is already a cat at home. Chances are that relationship may not work, especially if trying to introduce a young cat to an older cat at home. It is far better to get two cats at the same time who are known to get along.
If you are considering adopting a feline companion, please consider taking two. They will be happier with a companion, and their relationship creates a better environment for the cats and for the owner.